Unit V Being and Systems: Developmental, Theoretical and Practice Paradigms For a Being and Systems Synthesis: Towards an Operative Phenomenology (1.5 CE Hour)


     Unit IV begins with an anthropological interpretation of prehistoric animism to underscore the Body-Soul perspective from the dawn of history. Constructs of mind, substance, soul, body, being and spirit are examined through, Greek, Roman, Scholastic and contemporary frameworks including the Aristotelian notion of hylomorphism, explanations of Cartesian Substance Dualism vs Property Dualism and Substance Interactionism vs Substance Dualism.

     The course also includes Integrative Medicine specialist Dr. Lance Luria in pivotal video describing Vitalists vs Atomists perspectives, Rupert Sheldrake’s intellectual challenges for materialists (monists) and complex variables surrounding an Emergence perspective. This section concludes with an analysis of physical, metaphysical and spiritual dimensions of Dr. George Richie’s classic NDE [Near Death Experience]. 

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