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Welcome To Waguespack Seminars!  Find your way to discovering “Being and Systems: Paradigms For Social Workers and Other Medical Professionals”.   I spent a great deal of time developing this material because principled social workers and many others rightfully seek frameworks to support and sustain their best intellectual, spiritual and moral development.  They want to participate in an Ontology and Epistemology that can sustain an integrated, Christian approach to theory, pedagogy and practice worthy of interdisciplinary collaboration. 

By transforming our knowledge base, we gain influential authority to more holistically contribute to ameliorating, solving and replacing a variety of systemic challenges that may arise from the people we work with and various ‘structures’.  By deepening our understanding of the relationship between being and person as well as systems and environment we increase our ability to attend to holistic therapeutic and developmental goals.

WS provides transformative, interdisciplinary continuing education (CE) for social workers and other healthcare professionals from an integrated Christian perspective.  You may wish to gain a fuller understanding of this transformative mission by taking a new online course: Being and Systems: Paradigms for Social Workers and Other Medical Professionals.

This course has emerged after years of research and thought related to material in the forthcoming Being Becoming book series.  The preliminary version of Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms is now available.   If you are motivated to sponsor, attend, organize or help facilitate live or online CE presentations in this this venue, I would love to hear from you!  A good interviewer for live online presentations would be particularly welcomed!  Contact

Waguespack Seminars was first authorized in 1998 by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners.  In the past, W.S. has partnered with College and University CE Departments to provide continuing education for social workers as well as accommodate other professions such as Nursing, Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage & Family Counselors and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors.  Currently, W.S. is prepared to consider partnerships with select entities in higher education and medical systems as well as corporations and nonprofit organizations.

After spending many years obtaining key credentials, providing services, researching, developing courses, teaching, thinking and writing within social work, psychology, sociology, philosophy, science and a broad range of related fields, I believe social workers as well as other medical professionals, business people, philosophers, scientists and artists of various stripes can greatly benefit from what has been distilled and integrated in current WS offerings!

Contact Richard:  or call 580-500-8050

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Authorized by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners: Provider # 6488

If you live near Weatherford OK or anticipate a future drive from OKC to the Rockies on Interstate 40 and want to connect in person, consider joining Christian Writers, Thinkers and Activity Seekers OR the Personal Development Club!  See you there!

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