Unit III Being and Systems: Physical, Temporal & Cultural Environment: Coherence Challenges  (1 CE Hour)


How does advanced science and technology point toward the physical limits of systems and overlapping metaphysical domains? We learn herein how paradigms of technology, science and math have often impacted inner orientations, culture, art, social priorities and much more. Unit III works towards advancing the learner’s comprehension’ of moral, epistemological and psychological demands of Coherence within the context of “outer edge systems theory”, particularly within a composite of physical, temporal and cultural domains that surround person.

Complex systems of electromagnetic and related molecular, atomic and particle permeations affect our atmosphere and realms connected such as “Hyperspace” and “Dark Energy” and other variables within a vast expanse of “Aether” [or nothing].  This draws the learner to consider frameworks for systemic extensions of the environment. Physicist David Bohm’s positions on Coherence is included as a epistemic catalyst to help facilitate adequate inner and outer evaluation of being and systems and to offer diverse thinkers a pathway to establish mutual problem solving platform(s).

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